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"One main thing I learned is how I value myself, and how I look and treat myself shapes the way others look and treat me also. Since my time with Emma, I have grown more confident in my choices and started to love myself more."

- Anon, Urmston, Counselling Client

"Emma made me feel at ease from day one of my counselling journey. By the end of our sessions I felt like a different person with a new lease of life... I now feel equipped to take on life's challenges."

- Anon, Bolton, Counselling Client

"My life has completely turned around. I am unbelievably grateful for everything I have in my life and I no longer mourn the things I don't have. So thank-you to Emma for the reminder to celebrate my journey."

- Anon, Urmston, Counselling Client

"I found the sessions helped me sort my head into what I thought were issues, and things that just needed more time and thought. I came away feeling I had a better understanding of how I can follow my dreams."

- Anon, Bolton, Counselling Client

"I had hypnotherapy with Emma for Anxiety issues and I felt immediate results with my confidence and felt a real calmness in my everyday approach afterwards. My mum even noticed that my levels of worrying had disappeared. We had a family incident happen the week after and I was really shocked by my calmness. I also noticed the dramatic change in myself too."

- Anon, Bolton, Hypnotherapy Client

"I had hypnotherapy with Emma for Weight Loss. I saw Emma over a 4 week timeframe which we looked at current habits but she also regressed me to see where my relationship with food stemmed from as a child. I was surprised how much weight I lost in that time, but not just that, I have changed my eating habits now and my mindset attached to food is a lot more positive."

-Anon, Urmston, Hypnotherapy Client

"I had a few ailments I wanted to try reiki for. I have had pain in my wrists, and had to sometimes wear a hand splint. After reiki there was no pain in my wrists whatsoever. I have bad dermatitis and that dramatically improved. I had a bad chesty wheeze and also now no wheeze at're a miracle worker."

-Anon, Urmston, Reiki Client

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