Emma Porcelli

Psychotherapeutic Counsellor (Ad.Dip.Psy.C)

Hypnotherapist (Cert.Hyp.CS)

Hypnobirthing Practitioner

Reiki Energy Healer (1 & 2)

Spiritual Mentor/ Soul Coach

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Hypnotherapy is a non-invasive and complimentary therapy where I can locate the problems that are holding you back from enjoying your life to its true potential. The sub-conscious mind is more powerful than the conscious mind and hypnosis can access this part of you to help achieve your desired outcome.


Hypnotherapy can be used for: Anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia, hypnobirthing (to help towards a healthy pregnancy and birth), pregnancy preparation, pain management, weight-loss, smoking cessation, phobias. Hypnotherapy can also be used for motivation and confidence in attending interviews, public speaking and for exam stress.

Past Life Regression is also available if you would like to heal parts of you that are affecting your life today from your past lives. Not everybody believes in past lives, but have you ever wondered why you fear certain things from a young age, or why you had the health issues that you had as a young child? These can stem from your past lives. You may just curious about your past lives? These sessions can be completed in an hour.

Hypnotherapy cost is dependant on number of sessions required, which will be discussed in the initial consultation. All courses require an initial consultation. The initial consultation is £60 for 1 hour and a 1/2. Please note a mobile service is available, but will incur extra cost which can be discussed. Please contact me for price enquiries and more details.


Reiki Energy Healing is an alternative therapy that can release a lot of emotional and mental anguish in the body. Stress, anxiety, depression and negative emotions can build up in the body and manifest as physical problems. As it is a gentle therapy it can be used on pregnant mothers, babies and children too.


To describe the healing benefits of reiki....imagine your life-force energy flowing through you, nourishing your vital organs but all the tension, worry, stress and anxiety from modern day stress builds up into knots and blocks the life-force energy reaching your vital organs. Your organs aren't receiving the vitality they need to function healthily and this is how illness and disease manifest. Reiki breaks down the knots in your body created by worry, anxiety etc and releases it.


If you choose a fast-paced, demanding career you need to take even more care of your body. As a nation, we are so used to just taking a tablet for pain, which is actually often just masking the pain and feeding your body with unnecessary chemicals, and this is only a short-term affect. Reiki Healing can naturally release the emotional side of the pain and can cause the physical pain to diminish. Besides helping with physical pain, Reiki Healing helps with insomnia and can promote sleep. Reiki healing can also be used on animals. People who do not live locally to Manchester, UK can benefit from distance healing.

An hour Reiki Energy Healing session at my practice costs £30. Please note a mobile service is available, but will incur extra cost which can be discussed. 

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Hypnobirthing encourages the mother to embrace pregnancy and birth as a time of confidence, empowerment and relaxation. Working together we can aim to create the most positive experience for you and baby, to give your baby the best start in life.

The Hypnobirthing package for 'mummy's to be' will help to eliminate fear, reduce pain and promote relaxation. My aim is to provide a rewarding, positive pregnancy and birthing experience for the most precious time of your life. Within the package I also provide energy healing for both mother and baby to enhance relaxation and promote good-health for both. Due to its gentle nature, reiki energy healing is safe in pregnancy and for newborns too.

Hypnobirthing package* costs £300 (Includes Hypnotherapy Sessions with up to 4 x MP3 recordings to keep, for Fear Release, Pregnancy Relaxation, Powerful Statements and Breathing/Visualisations for Birth. Support throughout pregnancy also includes Positive Affirmation guide, 2 x Hypnobirthing Classes, 1 x Reiki Energy Healing session for mother during pregnancy and 1 x Reiki Energy Healing session for mother and baby after birth).

*1st appointment after 12 week scan



Pregnancy is such a special time in life but it can be worrying too. Bringing a newborn home is even more daunting. I’m a Psychotherapeutic counsellor specialising in pre-natal and post-natal mental health*.

I offer courses of therapy sessions, but I also offer drop-in sessions where mums can come and talk to me in a safe and friendly environment without continuous therapy. We can work together to help eliminate anxieties to enable a more positive parenting experience. 

Counselling session £40 (1 hour)

*Counselling is available for mums at any stage of their parenting journey.