"This was my first experience of Reiki and Emma made me feel completely relaxed and comfortable. I have suffered with eczema throughout my life on and off, but since having the children it has been worse on my hands. I have had lots of appointments on the NHS and visits to hospital for patch tests. After 3 days of the Reiki treatment, the eczema had gone, and left with just dry skin as opposed to sore and cracked. I was completely overwhelmed by the effects both emotionally and physically, and will definitely be returning."

- Lisa, Urmston

"I have suffered with MS for a few years now and will regularly suffer 100% pain most days. After Emma did Reiki healing on me, the next day I only felt 30% pain and was even able to clean my whole house without feeling in such pain."

- Anon, Urmston

"I had lots of ovarian polyps on my left ovary and Emma sent Reiki healing to me. At the next scan all the polyps had disappeared."

- Anon, Stretford

"I have suffered with horrendous migraines since childhood, but whenever Emma does Reiki I don't have a migraine for weeks. I also find that my sleep pattern is bad, but I sleep so well for weeks after Reiki."

- Sue, Urmston

"I had hypnosis with Emma for Anxiety issues and I felt immediate results with my confidence and felt a real calmness in my everyday approach afterwards. My mum even noticed that my levels of worrying had disappeared. We had a family incident happen the week after I had hypnosis and my mum was scared to tell me due to my normal anxiety levels. She was really shocked by my calmness and I also noticed the dramatic change in myself too."

- Anon, Bolton

"I had hypnosis with Emma for Weight Loss. I saw Emma over a 4 week timeframe which we looked at current habits but she also regressed me to see where my relationship with food stemmed from as a child. I was surprised how much weight I lost in that time, but not just that, I have changed my eating habits now and my mindset attached to food is a lot more positive."

-Anon, Urmston


It is of paramount importance that a client is comfortable and relaxed when they are with their therapist, so I will let you into my world a little first. I received a BA Hons Fashion Marketing and have spent the last 14 years in PR and Marketing. A couple of years ago you could say I had a ‘calling’ to help people. I went on to receive a Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Counselling Skills, and also received qualifications in Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 Energy Healing in 2016. People have asked me “What about your Marketing degree?” I thought about it and realised I am still marketing. I am marketing a brand called ‘Happiness.’ Everybody wants and needs happiness in their life.


The reason I am so passionate about Hypnotherapy and Energy healing is because I have studied intensively and seen the results. I do also believe we are here to be happy and have joy in our lives. Unfortunately due to deep-rooted issues and fears from childhood, we can be held back from the happiness we want and deserve in our lives.

I look forward to working with you and achieving the happiness in life that you deserve.